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Janine Gowdy-Karabas

Janine Gowdy-Karabas

Client Experience Administrator

Nursing was my passion. For approximately a decade, I was a Critical Care Unit (CCU) Staff Nurse for a New York Teaching Hospital after which I was a Nurse Case Manager for a New York Health Insurance Company.

In April of 2005, my husband Anthony Karabas “made me an offer I could not refuse”; I would work for him in his Financial Office. I was apprehensive at first, but things are not always what they seem! When I started working for Anthony, I stated “I’m going to work for you for no longer than 6 months; I will be returning to nursing”. Well, 6 months came and went. No longer having to travel 4 hours round-trip via 3 trains and walking several New York City blocks was a price I was willing to pay. What I gained was an inside perspective on how Anthony’s services improve the quality of life for his Clients.

Some may question, how do you go from being a CCU Nurse to working in a Financial Advisory Firm? My nursing expertise as well as my commitment to help others translated relatively well in assisting Anthony in serving his clients as a collaborative member of his team.

Till this day, I have maintained both my New Jersey and New York Nursing Licenses because after all, nursing was one of the greatest joys of my life.