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Our Promise to <strong>You</strong>

Our Promise to You

When transactional financial product sales were the norm, I decided to change my practice from transactional relationships to holistic engagements. I find fulfillment in helping people achieve "The American Dream" with a greater sense of purpose and financial security while creating and protecting their legacy for the future.

I'm inspired by the story of my grandfather Tony (Toni) Karabas, who immigrated to the United States as an only child in 1919.  He was a fourteen-year-old with nothing more than a note in his pocket from his parents to his "uncle." He couldn't speak, read, nor write English. He also knew that he would never see his parents again. They made a great sacrifice, with blinding faith, by sending my grandfather to America so that he would have a prosperous life. I'm the legacy of my great-grandparents' sacrifice.

Our Team

Anthony Karabas

Anthony M. Karabas, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF

Financial Services Executive | Financial Planner | Special Needs Planner

Bellaria Jimenez, CFP®, MBA

Bellaria Jimenez, CFP®, MBA

President - Barnum Tri State

Kristen Esposito

Kristen Esposito

Vice President of Sales / Marketing - Barnum Tri State

Richard Caruso

Richard Caruso

Agency Supervisory Officer - Barnum Tri State

Gerald Silberman

Gerald Silberman

Investment Director - Barnum Tri State

Abraham Velez

Abraham Velez

Agency Technical Specialist / Agency Security Administrator

Anthony Porchetta

Anthony Porchetta

Vice President - Barnum Tri State

Ariel  Weinstein

Ariel Weinstein

Head of IT Operations / Practice Development Specialist - Barnum TriState

<strong>About Barnum Financial Group</strong>

About Barnum Financial Group

Barnum offers the scope of a national financial services provider with access to industry-leading financial planning services, investment management, and insurance and protection products, while delivering a level of personalized service and attention found at a boutique firm.

We provide personal advice and solutions to more than 250,000 clients, including individuals and their families as well as small businesses, corporations, governments entities, and non-profit organizations and their employees, across all 50 states.

Barnum's Resources

Beverly  Wright

Beverly Wright

Vice President, Worksite Products

Brian  Parmalee

Brian Parmalee

Vice President, Risk Management

Greg Wachter

Greg Wachter

VP, Risk Management

Jeremy  Hus

Jeremy Hus, MSFS, CFP®, ChFC®, CASL®, CLU®

Vice President, Financial Planning

John Foreman

John Foreman, MBA, CIMA®

Vice President, Investments

Kathleen  Cassidy

Kathleen Cassidy

Vice President, Advanced Markets

Matthew  Teel

Matthew Teel, CFP®, CLU®

Senior Vice President, Risk Management

Niko Vamvakas

Niko Vamvakas

Vice President, Retirement Planning Solutions

William Erff

William Erff

Property and Casualty Specialist

<strong>Community Involvement</strong>

Community Involvement

Involvement in the community and local organizations is crucial for our team as it fosters a sense of social responsibility and builds valuable relationships. By giving back and actively participating, we contribute to the betterment of society, creating a positive impact that extends beyond our workplace.